Zhongke Nanjing Branch cooperation with French Scientist Amu Therwhat Ganoderma lucidum spore oil

Zhongke Nanjing Branch actively promoted the international exchanges between French scientists and the company of the Chinese Academy ofSciences, and promoted international cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine and health products. Ganoderma lucidum spore oil has achieved preliminary research results in diseases prevention research.
Chinese medicine has more than five thousand years of Tradition and story. After the Sui and Tang dynasties, Chinese medicine spread to Japan and South Korea and spread overseas. Recently, countries around the world have been studying more in depth about Chinese medicine, and the European Union has also relaxed restrictions on the import of Chinese medicine, making Chinese medicine facing great opportunities to enter the international market. Some foreign medical academic institutions have begun researches on traditional Chinese medicine. Japan is the country with the longest history, widest range, higher level, and the largest number of practitioners in research and application of Chinese medicines outside of China. Some Japanese medical universities and Chinese medicine companies have established Chinese medicine research institutions, and tens of thousands of researchers specialize in Chinese medicine research. Some well-known universities in the United States such as Stanford University, Harvard University and the University of California, etc. have carried out integrated Chinese and Western medicine research.
Zhongke Nanjing Biochemical Co., Ltd. was transformed from the original development company of Nanjing Geography and Lakes Institute. It has been engaged in the industrialization of health care products for many years. The main product, Ganoderma lucidum spore oil, has good efficacy in health care and disease prevention. Utilised  by all sectors of society. Zhongke is a restructured company of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
n September 2002, Director Li Zhiyi of the Hospital Cooperation Bureau arranged for Professor Amu Therwath, head of the molecular oncology laboratory at the University of Paris 7 in France, molecular oncology expert and French government health and wellness consultant, to visit Zhongke Nanjing Branch. Professor Amu Therwath isa French Doctor. After listening to the company management introduction, Professor Amu Therewith was immediately attracted to the efficacy of Ganoderma lucidum series products, especially Ganoderma lucidum spore oil. During the meeting with Researcher Yan Shouning, President of the Nanjing Branch and Party Secretary, Professor Amu Therwath formally proposed a Zhongke - French cooperative study on the efficacy of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil against disease, and brought back some samples for pathological tests when returning to France.
In February 2003, Professor Amu Therwath informed the Nanjing Branch of the preliminary research results of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil against disease. In the e-mail sent, he pointed out that Ganoderma lucidum spores have multiple effects and have beneficial effects in many pathologies. It has been confirmed that its main role is to adjust immunity, such as suppressing the effect of familial herpes, see It also has the inhibitory effect on HIV, which has attracted more and more scientists' attention. He also pointed out that there are very few research groups in the field of traditional Chinese medicine in the West, and the vast majority of research groups are in China, Japan and South Korea. Therefore, he once again proposed that he hopes to cooperate withChinese scientists on the antiviral properties of Ganoderma spore oil and the efficacy of cytoplasmic division products.
Afterwards, Professor Amu Therwath agreed with the Nanjing Branch Foreign Affairs Office that both parties applied for the cooperation from the Chinese and French Academy of Sciences to include this cooperation in the Academy-level project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, under the guidance and support of Director Li Zhiyi of the European Division of the International Cooperation Bureau ofthe Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Amu Therwath's visit to China was again included in the college-level project. 
Professor Amu Therwath signed a memorandum of cooperation on behalf of the Molecular Oncology Laboratory of the University of France 7 with China Science and Technology Corporation, and reached agreement on the areas of cooperative research, intellectual property rights, cost sharing, personnel exchanges, and Professor Amu Therwath’s role as a visiting professor of China Science and Technology Corporation. The leaders of Nanjing Branch attached great importance to the signing of the memorandum and cooperation between the two sides. In March 2004, Professor Amu Therwath once again visited the Nanjing Branch and Nanjing Zhongke Biochemical Company and other units to sign a memorandum of cooperation with Nanjing Zhongke Biochemical Company on the joint research of anti-cancer research of Ganoderma spore oil in Nanjing.
In October 2004, Professor Amu Therwath sent the test report of Nanjing Zhongke Biochemical Company's new samples to Nanjing Branch. In the report, he pointed out that three scientists in France worked for 5 months and spent 7830 euros to obtain preliminary results: through toxicity studies and stress studies, it was shown that all 8 samples provided by Zhongke were cell growth Accelerator has anti-angiogenic effect; Zhongke products have good effect on cell culture under stress-free conditions. The conclusion is that within the ideal concentration range, Ganoderma products prevent the negative effects of stress on cell tissue culture. He proposed to further develop the functional research of Ganoderma lucidum products, that is, the study of cell physiology after the addition of Zhongke products, the study of different cytokinesis as an immune regulator, and gradually enter the animal model research. After consultation with Professor Amu Therwath, Nanjing Branch has invited Professor Amu Therwath to visit Nanjing at the end of April and early May 2005 to discuss with the Nanjing Branch and Nanjing Zhongke Biochemical Company on the next step of cooperative research and seeking foreign agents for Ganoderma products.

    At present, Nanjing Branch intends to further integrate the economic strength of Nanjing Zhongke Biochemical Company and the scientific research strength of Professor Amu Therwath's laboratory on the basis of mutual agreement.