Triterpenes & Credibility, Disclosure of Certificate of Analysis


Triterpenes are one of the possible pharmaceutically active compounds contributing to the medicinal activities ofG. lucidum. Triterpenes are a subtype of Terpene, a class ofnaturally occurring compounds,composed of one or more isoprene units. Terpenes are widelydistributed throughout theplant world. Many subtypes of Terpenes have been found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumourigenic, and hypolipidemic activity.
Triterpenes contain sixisoprene units. The isoprenes may form linear chains or fold-up and form a ring-like structure. Ganoderic acid is a sub-type of triterpenes with four cyclic and two linear isoprenes. There areover 140 species of triterpenes and triterpenoids identified inG. lucidum.
Triterpenes are primarily isolated from the spores of G. lucidum and have shown remarkable pharmacological and therapeutic activities on multiple human diseases including cancer.

Extraction of triterpenes

Our High Tech Method COsupercritical extraction technique is safe, nontoxic, and flow process is simple, and consuming time short, extraction efficiency is high, and thermo-cracking at high temperature of extract can be avoided, the activity of physiologically active substance can be protected to greatest extent, and CO 2fluid only works to solute, does not change any composition or raw material body outside solute, uses pure COmaterial slag after extraction can also well be fully utilized, and therefore can not produce any new " three wastes " material, to can be used in the advanced separation and leaching technology of scale production in the very favourable,Shi of the environment protection world today.
Chinese patent 200510047263.9 discloses COsupercritical extraction is the application on triterpene substance in extracting Ganoderma sporophore, but has only mentioned pressure, the impact of temperature and time on extraction efficiency, comprehensively not open on affecting one, each factor of extraction yield and the activity of extract work.

the advantage of CO2  Supercritical extraction 

the advantage of modified supercritical extraction CO2 on Ganoderma Lucidum over nonmodified supercritical extraction:
 is in the polarity component extraction and enhancement of the fluidity of extracts. Modifier supercritical extraction CO2 also advantages: 
  • higher extraction yield and lower extraction temperature than those of conventional solvent extractions. the extraction pressure controlled the extraction selectivity of triterpenoid components of Ganoderma lucidum
  • Pure extract & high end extract and oil / high yields of extract
  • No trace of contaminant or solvent residues/ no waste
  • Not corrosive /inexpensive /odourless /colourless/ non toxic
  • Removing 100% of the residual di-iso-butyl phthalate, di-n-butyl phthalate and di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate in the spores of G. lucidum(Spores of Ganoderma lucidum are easy to be contaminated with phthalates during collection and processing, So supercritical fluid extraction (CO2) was performed to remove phthalates in spores of G. lucidum, and the effects on acid and peroxide values of spores' oil are not affected from the process.
  • Accelerated oxidation tests further implied that CO2 could improve the stability of spores' oil and the total Amount of % Triterpens

            Studies & Cancer

Studies have shown that many subtypes of triterpene extracts from G. lucidum can directly induce apoptosis of multiple human cancer cell lines. The cytotoxic effect varied greatly between different subtypes of triterpenes. Some subspecies of triterpenes have shown strongcytotoxic effects at low concentrations invidious human cancer cell lines, these include: Ganoderic acid T is the most abundant triterpenic acid found in G. lucidum and shows significant anti-cancer effects in bothin vitroandin vivostudies.
In a study by Chenet al. (2010), Ganoderic acid T was shown to inhibit tumour invasion by inhibitingMatrixMetalloproteinase(MMP)-9 expression.
Ganoderic acid Dhas been shown to directly bindto 14-3-3ζ protein in astudy by Yue et al. (2008),and this bindingmay contribute totheapoptosis observed in HeLa cell.
Ganoderiol F(GA-F) is a tetracyclic triterpene found in Ganoderma species.
GA-F has shown cytotoxicityin vitro against Lewis lung carcinoma(LLC), Meth-A, Sarcoma-180, and T-47Dcelllines.

Certificate of Analysis (Triterpenes %)

For our group, Transparency and above all honesty are fundamental in promoting our Ganoderma products. As many of you already know we are the inventors of the famous spore oil and the first Asian company to have used the supercritical C02 extraction method on our Spore oil, obtaining the purest extraction and the most Triterpenes % in a single product.  The highest in the world (54.9% 2019) & (49.3% 2020), and we have been doing it since 1984.

Below we want to share our certificates of analysis with you where we demonstrate our leadership and coherence.


We are probably the first or the few to ever publish the COA of our Reishi spore oil, so we encourage everyone to do the same, in order to  enable all the consumers and potential customers to make their choice according to real fact & datas.

This is called " CREDIBILITY"

2019 Certificate of Analysis REISHI SPORE OIL TRITERPENE % 54.90

2020 Certificate of Analysis  & Agricultural residues REISHI SPORE OIL TRITERPENE % 49.23


The professionalism and technological advancement achieved, as well as the investments made by ZHONGKE in the last 30 years, have allowed us to achieve a unique product with the highest concentrations of active ingredients within a single product.

Our group is part of the (CAS), therefore our R&D department is made up of scientists and doctors who have been studying Chinese medicine and the therapeutic properties of this extraordinary mushroom for more than 30 years. Therefore you yourself can evaluate on the web the numerous studies made  on TRITERPENES in the treatment against tumors. Furthermore, as you can see from our certificates, we can consider ourselves the only ones on the market with such a high active percentage of triterpenes & experience in the filed of GANODERMA LUCIDUM

We challenge any person or company, who claims otherwise, to prove that what we state is not true. like any situation we always believe in facts and analysis data more than words. Who can you trust?

Be well Reishi house