Reishi, Agaricus bazei & Shitake.Your favourite Medicinal Cocktail!!

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Agaricus bazei and Shiitake are three very strong allies of the immune system, that is our defenses against pathogenic germs. All thanks to their origins. They live in a habitat consisting of damp and rotten wood, in close contact with decaying animal and plant remains. To survive in this context and not succumb to the bacteria and germs of putrefaction, they have developed very effective immune protections, the same ones that are able to offer our body if they are taken correctly according to the rules of Mycotherapy.

Complete action on multiple fronts In humans, Reishi, Agaricus bazei and Shiitake act on several levels. In the front line of defense, these fungi activate innate immunity and cells such as monocytes and macrophages that engulf, that is, "eat" pathogenic germs. When the first defense is no longer sufficient, other blood cells enter the scene, white blood cells, that is the T and B lymphocytes that produce antibodies, real weapons: we can think of them as "hounds" who recognize the invader and when they meet him, they hit him with these bullets and eliminate him. Also in this second level, Reishi, Agaricus bazei and Shiitake enhance the response and resolve the attack of germs before symptoms appear (sore throat, etc.).

Inflammatory symptoms appear only when the first defensive lines fail and still represent an additional level of defense. When a specific part of the body is attacked, such as the bronchi, the inflammatory reaction is a useful immune response, aimed at defending the body and eliminating pathogenic germs. Even if it is always "unpleasant". An impenetrable barrier The vast majority of people who take Reishi and Mycotherapy, especially Agaricus blazei and Shiitake, generally go through the cold season without getting bronchitis, pharyngitis and flu. Various associated symptoms are also prevented, from pain, gastrointestinal upset, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps. In practice, they strengthen one's immune system. It is much more difficult for pathogenic germs to be able to penetrate the mucous membrane of the nose, throat and bronchi, because they literally bump into a wall that repels them. They face a very efficient army that is difficult to overcome.

Let's take cover

The ideal would be to start taking these medicinal mushrooms a month before the start of the flu season but even 10-15 days earlier may be enough. The dose must never be less than 2 grams per day of each of them, including both the whole mushroom and the extract in which high quantities of beta-glucans are present. In addition to the actual flu, caused by influenza viruses, they also protect us from thousands of other pathogenic-like germs and flu bacteria (Haemophylus influenzae, staphylococci, streptococci, etc.).

They do not give side effects

The strength of Reishi, Agaricus blazei and Shiitake is also the lack of side effects, contraindications and the possibility of being added to synthetic drugs. While the protection that Reishi and Agaricus give us is distributed throughout the body, The one produced by the Shiitake is more specific. It strengthens immunity in the intestine, thus creating the prerequisite for having strong immune defenses throughout the body. In fact, let's not forget that almost 70% of all immunity lives in the intestine.

In auto-immune diseases

Returning to Reishi, it should be emphasized that no substance in nature, nor among chemical drugs, alone possesses all its immune effects. Precisely for this action it is also proposed in case of allergy or auto-immune diseases that produce auto-antibodies, that is, antibodies that destroy healthy parts of the body. This is due to the displacement of the immune system in an incorrect mode, which produces auto-antibodies. Reishi, in these pathologies, to fully express the effectiveness of its action must always be associated with Agaricus and Shiitake, because together they give their best and help to bring the system back to the right position by correcting the "crazy" immunity.

When the pathogenic germs has already put us to bed

If the flu is ongoing and has already had the upper hand on low immune defenses, the complete "Immunity and Skin" protocol is indicated, consisting of Reishi, Agaricus, Shiitake and vitamin C. A formula that we have studied and which has proved to be balanced and effective in bringing low immune defenses to maximum efficiency. Useful as prevention with very high percentages of protection. If, on the other hand, we have already caught the flu, the three remedies shorten the course and convalescence, giving an immediate recovery even to elderly or sick people who are struggling to recover. After resolving the symptoms and causes of the flu and colds, you can switch to a maintenance regime, based on the use of one or more mushrooms or you can do cycles, with possible intervals in the intake. The interruption is not necessary and it is not even useful because the body always obtains important benefits from mycotherapy, without side effects. However, after obtaining the desired results, those who prefer to stop taking medicinal mushrooms if they do not want to lose the benefits achieved, it is always better to consult an expert.

What if the nose is running due to allergy?

Reishi, Agaricus blazei and Shiitake are also very useful allies in the treatment of allergic diseases, characterized by the production of pathological antibodies, IgE. These antibodies target harmless substances (pollen, mites, animal hair, etc.) causing the release of histamine, hence the allergic symptoms. These are the main characteristics of these medicinal mushrooms in allergic diseases: All three gradually reduce and then prevent the production of allergic antibodies, the IgE which usually begins to return to normal within two or three months. Reishi, on the other hand, has a cortisone-like anti-inflammatory effect, that is, it helps to resolve symptoms, without however producing the side effects of cortisone drugs. And it also has a powerful antihistamine action: it contains four active ingredients that inhibit the release of histamine. For this reason, even in allergic diseases it is necessary to use the “Immunity and Skin” protocol consisting of Reishi, Agaricus blazei and Shiitake. Within three months, not only a reduction in symptoms is felt, but there is also a favorable evolution from the laboratory tests in question. It is seen that the parameters relating to allergy (IgE, eosinophils) and inflammation (ESR) improve and tend to return to normal. In prescribing these three-month tests in three months, the doctor will see a favorable evolution, often characterized by a gradual return to normal values. Worldwide, some scientists who have studied the use of these medicinal mushrooms in these allergic diseases have documented and published similar positive results in authoritative international journals. Even in long-standing allergies, the results are positive, the times are longer but the steps are the same.