My Story Fighting Fibromyalgia with TCM!

Letter From one of our customers about her personal experience with Fibromyalgia:

"Dear Erik, i'm writing this email to share my story with the hope that more & more people will grow faith and trust in Traditional Chinese Medicine assisting to manage Fybromalgia "
R. Reynolds  New york, New york 

This is R. Reynolds story with Fibromyalgia :

After eight months of complaining to the doctor about body pain and sleep disturbance, in August 2016, the doctor concluded that I was suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome. . My symptoms included:

  • Sixteen different pain points in my body
  • Muscle cramps and pains throughout the body 
  • Poor muscle strength in the morning 
  • Swollen Ankles 
  • Fatigue 
  • Sleep disturbance, characterized by frequent waking up, inability to sleep well, or total insomnia 
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Food allergies 
  • Allergies to the environment, that is, allergies to chemicals, especially perfume, car exhaust, gas oil and paint, etc. 
  • Intermittent chest pain and arrhythmia, especially after exposure to chemicals 
  • Dizziness, migraine, especially after exposure to chemicals 
  • Dry eye 
  • Lack of physical capacity and low blood pressure 
  • Rubella 
  • Swollen neck glands 
  • Nervousness 

After i've been diagnosed, the rheumatologist  also told me that I was suffering from poor muscle fibre ( I was forty years old when I started pain syndrome). My doctor also said that I could never work full time again, and after a few years, I will even asked for help  to take a shower or take care of myself. Of course I cried for the sudden news, but I decided that this would not be the life I was going to live, and I would fight for it.
I started to stretch and exercise regularly. I reduced working hours, did not do overtime work at night, and reduced participation in outdoor activities. I also started to take several vitamins and minerals that can be used as antioxidants. Another Specialist concluded that I had several food allergies and allergies to candida. When your immune system is weak, candida can seriously affect your health. I needed to pay strict attention to my diet and avoid allergic foods or any foods that make candida grow.

After using this set of health methods for six months, my condition did not improve. In fact, it continued to deteriorate to a point where I had to stop working in March 2017. Since fibromyalgia is regarded as an incurable disease in medicine, in April 2017, I decided to seek help with a Naturopath physician. I saw this doctor once every six weeks for about other 6 months. She checked me for food and chemical allergies again, and then gave me several vitamins and minerals, Chinese herbal medicines and homeopathic products. The purpose is to help my body detoxify, remove chemicals, strengthen the immune system and various organs. I continued to pay strict attention to my diet and exercise, and started to do breathing exercises twice a day. At that time, I received acupuncture and moxibustion several times, but it didn't change much; so I stopped receiving this treatment after 6 months

The naturopath believed that the cause of fibromyalgia was a breakdown of the immune system. Because almost two years before I contracted fibromyalgia, my respiratory system had three bacterial infections and six colds, and on top  i had Formaldehyde poisoning occurred while i was moving in a new home.  In addition, I have been working about 45-50 hours a week for the past two decades and have participated in a number of outdoor activities. Stress is a part of my life. Rest was  not important to me. I never feel that I need a lot of rest time because I was full of energy before and I had no trouble sleeping.

From April to October 2017, I followed the naturopathic doctor's advice, but I couldn't see any improvement. I continue to stretch and exercise. I still couldn't work, but I was able do some light housework at home. I needed to rest frequently all day long. My day was like this: get up for two hours, lie down for 45 minutes; get up for two hours, then lie down for 45 minutes. This continued until the end of the day.
I kept the protol for other 6 months but still not many improvements.

At the end of December 2018, that's where my condition began to improve. I was referred to see  Dr. Shizhuang Phd a natural environment specialist, expert in immune system disorders. For about two months, I received intravenous injections every week, which is a variety of vitamins and minerals, or hydrogen peroxide . Finally i felt that I was  getting stronger.

In January 2019, I was recommended by Dr Shizhuang to try Zhongke Reishi capsule, for its benefits on the immune system, nervous system, and supply of oxygen to the body. I have read many articles and research saying that this kind of food supplement has helped many people dealing with allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome, which made me want to try it. In February 2019, I started Taking Zhongke Red Reishi Capsule and Zhongke Cordyceps.

In the first week, I took two capsules of Ganoderma lucidum, two capsules of Cordyceps, and two capsules of Easy C (500 mg) every day. By the second week, I took four capsules of Red Reishi, three capsules of Cordyceps, and two capsules of Easy C (500 mg) every day. After that, I took 9 tablets of Red Reishi, 3 tablets of Cordyceps, and 6 tablets of Easy C (500 mg) every day. I also eat salmon oil and several vitamins and minerals.

I had headaches every day for the first week. According to my understanding, this is called a "relief reaction" and it is normal because Ganoderma can remove toxins from the blood and cleanse the entire system. After the second week, the headache disappeared, and I felt peaceful inside me. By the third week, I had headaches for three days, and then it disappeared. I did't worry too much about these symptoms, after Dr Shizhuang gave me the peace of mind that was just a normal process that my body was going through.  After four months,( june 2019) my condition has improved quite well. In the summer of 2019, ten points were the best condition, and my situation was nine points. Of all the methods I have used to improve my condition in the past 2 years did't work quite well with my body, only after i started my protocol with injections firstly and taking Reishi & Cordyceps secondly my muscle cramps and pain have decreased, my sleep has improved, and I have more energy during the day than before.

In the autumn of 2019, I resumed working full time as a Royal Chartered Accountant until now. Except for occasionally waking up during sleep, all my symptoms have disappeared. However, I must admit that I cannot be a "superwoman". I need nine hours of sleep. My lifestyle is very active and healthy. I work 20 and a half hours a week. In addition to doing housework, I go to the gym three times a week and do all kinds of sports (skiing, walking, biking, cross-country skating, skating, etc.) , Eat well, and eat vitamins and minerals. I use time to nurture the inner self and make appropriate decisions for myself. Zhongke Red Reishi  is still a part of my life. I now take two capsules a day, and occasionally I have a cold or have to spend an extremely stressful moment, I will increase to four to six capsules a day.

In the past few years, I have learned a lot of health knowledge from related books. I know that if you choose Traditional Chinese Medicine  instead of Traditional medicine  it will take a longer time for your body to recover. To rebuild the immune system, it will take up to nine months. I know that Reishi is an adaptogen and it will work where I need it most in my body. Ganoderma has comprehensive healing powers. It can heal the areas in my body that need treatment. If you want to try this product, I suggest using Ganoderma lucidum manufactured by "Zhongke health Group", distributed by the Fabulous Erik Chang from Reishi house .

I just want to make it celar that there is no quick fix for fibromyalgia. While waiting for your body to recover, the secret is to stay calm, don't worry in the process, and let the body do it's Healing along side with a good nutritious diet.

I hope my testimony will be an encouragement for other fibromyalgia patients. I know that this condition is very subtle because it affects every part of your life: your work, your family, social life, and finances. It is not easy to learn to accept it, but I believe there is hope. My condition has improved, but it will take time. I know that the Universe has provided us with healing herbs and food in nature. In the past four years, I have asked the Universe to lead me through this treatment.

Since everyone is different, the products I use and the steps I took have helped manage and assist my fibromyalgia, but they are not guaranteed to be effective for you. 

R. Reynolds