What is the Value for Money? Why choose us?

Own research centre. 

A well-equipped plant and specially trained human resources to carry out high-level processes.

GMP Facilities.

All of the operation procedures carried out in the plant have passed GMP and are controlled under a stringent quality assurance system, which is the cornerstone of a safe, efficient and quality product. 

Facility FDA Regulated.

The Brand “Zhongke” is formerly registered in USA with the FDA as “Sino-Sci’, which means China Science. All Sino-Sci products are processed within the regulations of the FDA, and even the materials of the products package, such as capsules, are made by advanced European countries, so as to meet good quality regulations issued by the FDA.

TGA Regulated  4 products.

 Our Range of Medicinal Mushroom have been successfully registered with TGA on AUGUST 2020.


ISO certificates.

Industrial certification license No.ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 Trinity Certification.  

Invention Patent.

Ownership of 10 national research patents. The China Authorized Invention Patent Certification No.ZL991 23952.0, ZL 03 1 12703.7, ZL03131837.1, ZL 2004 1 0014120.3

Research Programs.

As manufacturer we puts great emphasis on technological innovation and cooperation with colleges, institutes, academies and overseas scientists. We conduct research programs with well-known Chinese universities, academies and institutes such as the University of California, UK Organism Gene Science Institute, Shanghai Physiological Institute, CAS, Nanjing University, and the China Pharmaceutical University, etc. in order to develop new products and adopt new technologies. As a result we have already developed more than 20 different types of health herbal food supplements and have achieved much reputation in the Ganoderma Lucidum field.

Own pollution-free Linhgzhi base Farm at Huangshan.

Huangshan is a mountain area at about 500-1000 meters above sea level in Anhui China, which is a pollution-free mountain area, thereby environmentally appropriate and meets the principle of Chinese supreme herbs growing conditions.

 Huangshan Ganoderma Cultivation Base.

On the Yellow mountains we established our pollution free cultivation base of wild Reishi mushroom where clean water and fresh air are the perfect formula for the best environmental condition all year round. There is no industrial pollution in this N.1 area of the National Forest Mushroom Cultivation Base.

Organic Farm of cultivation managed by  Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Nanjing Zonkge international Group Co. which is certified with the GMP international standards 

Rigorous process to collect spores.

 All spores collected will go through a rigorous screening process, selecting only mature spore powder, and then sending this spore powder into the cyclone selection stage, and finally to the ultrasonic purification stage as to ensure the highest purity of spore powder thus ensuring every cell of the spore powder is of the highest quality.

Zhongke Health Industry Group Co., Ltd is regulated by the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and its scientific research personnel.

Founded in 1984, Zhonkge enter the field of health food in 1996. 
Now Zhongke is amongst the enterprises with the strongest research and development ability in the market.  
Its independent R&D have obtained 65 Health food certificates and 2 Medications approved by China's Ministry of Health and Food and Drug Administration. 
Zhongke has gained 148 Patents, published 4 Monographs and 30 papers in research journals, including 2 peer-reviewed publications in international journals. 
Nanjing Zhongke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a division of the Zhongke Health Industry Group Co., Ltd covering an area of 6.6 acres. 
It has seven GMP standard production workshops, for the automatic production of soft capsules, tablets, powder, oral liquid and the extraction of TCM Herbs. 
It was the first one approved by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSMS 18001 integration system amongst the peers.

How to Choose a Medicinal Mushroom Product

A Reishi Supplement Buying Guide

By understanding the difference between mushrooms and mycelium, you can cut through the noise and make an informed product choice. To know what you are getting and reap full benefits from these fungal wonders, shop with these guidelines in mind:


  1. Read the product’s Supplement Facts panel and attempt to distinguish the true contents of the product.
  2. Select products that primarily contain the mushroom (fruiting body), not just mycelium, myceliated grain, or myceliated biomass.
  3. Avoid buying products that lack specific information about the plant part of the fungi (whether mushroom or mycelium).
  4. Look for an extract as extraction breaks down the fungal cell wall and improves bioavailability (C02 extraction Technology)
  5. Look for brands that list TRITERPENES & POLYSACCHARIDE content in their Supplement Facts panel. It’s important for it to be in the Supplement Facts panel and not just in any marketing materials. 
  6. Remember always to buy from MANUFACTURERS with own production base facility, otherwise third companies or supplier could alter the supplements with fillers or starch
  7. Make sure the ingredients are organically grown. 
  8. Always choose to buy from a trusted source. 

Zhongke commitment is to provide you with the very best quality and greatest possible potency of mushroom supplements.

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