Anything that influences your presentation in bed should be addressed  at the soonest.
Particularly in the event that it is Erectile Dysfunction, there is no sense in permitting it to demolish your personal life and witness it quietly.
A condition like Erectile Dysfunction is no less like a termite that gobbles up the establishment of your sentimental relationship and takes the appeal from it.
Whatever causes it, one ought to take the necessary steps to treat it immediately.


Cordyceps may seem like some plant or spice to a considerable lot of you, however it is something totally different, yet fascinating to know.
It is an organism that will in general blossom with explicit caterpillars.
Be that as it may, these caterpillars are no standard creepy crawlies we can spot anyplace.
These are only found in the high uneven areas of Tibet, Nepal & Buthan which causes the organism to be of incredible worth and worth.

This is on the grounds that they convey amazingly crucial supplements alongside bioactive parts that produce beneficial outcomes on the cell and physiological cycles occurring in our body.

Strikingly, these discoveries and employments of the organism are not new to this age but rather has a long history of serving individuals with a plenty of medical conditions like:

  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Low Sper count
  • Inflammation
  • Poor energy
  • Lung Problems 
  • Liver disease 
  • infertility both Male & Female
  • Cancer

Specialists have consistently viewed the organism as an incredible wonder that can help in the improvement of virility and imperativeness on an equivalent note.These investigations were based on healthy rats that were otherwise reported normal and healthy.
The results came surprisingly positive which ended up revealing that male rats supplemented with Cordyceps were able to produce remarkable amount of testosterone that ultimately improved their overall sexual behavior.
Not only this, a noticeable increase in their sperm was also observed by the investigators.
After the success, related levels of tests were done on humans, which also ended up with positive and convincing results.


testosterone and erectile dysfunction

Cordyceps comes acrossas a very useful treatment for men either facing premature ejaculations or are simply failing to hold hard erections.Both these are the common signs of Erectile Dysfunction that can be addressed through the use of Cordyceps.
Now the question which arises here is how does cordyceps aids in the betterment of erections or say treats such a distressing concern?
The answer lies in the way it influences the functioning of brain- particularly the functions in charge of stimulating sex drive and many other activities related to the male sexual system.
But that’s how it treats men with poor sexual desire or eagerness to get in touch with his partner physically.
Its mechanism to tackle Erectile Dysfunction is different.
Basically, it goes a long way in activating the sex glands so that a healthy production of essential hormones can be ensured.
When something like this occurs, everything from the erections to orgasms is recuperated to an observable point.


Call it testosterone or a critical sex hormone; testosterone supports healthy functioning and maintenance of the reproductive system.
testosterone and erectile dysfunction
Surprisingly, an added benefit of cordyceps is the boost it can give to the natural production of testosterone in the body.
This further strengthens it virility powers because testosterone is all known for optimizing masculinity.
And lastly- but definitely not the least, the fungus aids in regulating the cholesterol levels, the drop in which affects your overall performance under the sheet.
Hence- you can expect it to help you in all the possible ways it takes to master prowess in an understandably, natural way.


in China it is considered a sort of "Natural Viagra". It has been shown by various scientific studies that, if taken constantly for a medium-long period (months / weeks), Cordyceps is of great help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and infertility. make it a natural remedy particularly suitable for the emergency period we are experiencing due to the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Cordyceps sinensis is indeed a powerful:

  • Antiviral In the East, Cordyceps sinensis represents one of the main remedies for the treatment of infections of viral origin, especially those affecting the respiratory tract. In particular, one of its active ingredients, cordycepin, has been shown in various studies and clinical tests to be very effective in inhibiting the replication of viruses. From this test he was particularly active against:
  1. Influenza virus (H1N1 and H9N2),
  2. Herpes simplex,
  3. HIV-1 protease,
  4. Hepatitis B,
  5. Newcastle virus.
  6. Viruses
  • Immunomodulator: Cordyceps acts against viruses, fungi and bacteria also through an extraordinarily effective adaptogenic and immunomodulating action: if the activity of the immune system is excessive, it regulates it downwards, while if it is too low, it stimulates it. When Cordyceps is taken regularly, for example, for a bacterial or viral infection, it stimulates the defences of the IMMUNE SYSTEM exactly in the way necessary to respond to the source of stress and at the same time, lowers the levels of cytokines produced in response to the bacterium. Cytokines are inflammatory substances that the body emits in response to infections. When the immune system is not functioning properly, these cytokines are produced in excess, causing severe inflammation. 

  • Protective of the lungs: Cordyceps sinensis has shown a strong tropism towards the kidneys and lungs. This means that its intake can be very useful if you want to counteract a viral or bacterial infection, or any pathology that affects these two organs. Cordyceps has a strong action against the respiratory system:
  1. mucolytic (i.e. it dissolves phlegm),
  2. sedative of cough
  3. anti-inflammatory (especially for bronchi, lungs and kidneys),
  4. antipyretic (reduces fever).

Finally, it should be emphasized that Cordyceps is a mitochondrial adaptogen

Even today, traditional Chinese doctors use it for the treatment of the following conditions:

  1. asthma;
  2. respiratory diseases and infections;
  3. fever (increases sweating);
  4. breathing difficulties at high altitudes (altitude sickness);
  5. kidney diseases and infections;
  6. infertility, erectile dysfunction, low libido;
  7. fatigue and weakness due to stress, age, or disease;
  8. Tonic and energizing of the body and mind.

In India, among the traditional healers of Sikkim - a federated state enclosed in the Himalayan mountains on the border with Nepal and Tibet - Cordyceps is considered a remedy capable of promoting longevity, strength and endurance.


Cordyceps adenosine: enhance immunity and enhance vitality. The content of adenosine in Cordyceps sinensis is one of the main indexes to evaluate the internal quality of Cordyceps sinensis. It can improve blood circulation, prevent arrhythmia, inhibit the release of nerve conduction substances, and can enhance immunity and improve sleep.

Cordyceps polysaccharide: tonifying kidney and improving respiratory system. Cordyceps polysaccharide is composed of mannose, galactose, fucose and other components. It can activate macrophages, stimulate antibody production, improve human immune capacity and improve respiratory system. It has strong biological activity and wide indications. It has the functions of tonifying kidney, strengthening yang, benefiting essence, preventing aging and prolonging life.

Cordycepin: immune regulation. Cordycepin can induce the production of IL-1 and inhibit the production of IL-2, which indicates that cordycepin has a strong immunoregulatory function. Cordycepin can also promote T lymphocyte transformation.

Cordycepic acid: relieving cough and asthma, enhancing cardiopulmonary and renal function. The research shows that: it can promote human metabolism, improve microcirculation, as well as antitussive, expectorant, antiasthmatic effect. It can significantly enhance the activity of bronchial cilia, relax bronchial smooth muscle, and enhance adrenaline.


If you are experiencing  discomforts caused by poor immune system or discomforts caused by chronic pain , ZhongkeCordyceps capsule is considered a strong support  as noted by Chinese Academy of Sciences and the leading Chinese official health organization (SFDA).      


Recent clinical research supports the anti-fatigue claims of Cordyceps Sinensis in TCM. Cordyceps CS-4 research shows that it can increase endurance and energy through more efficient enzyme activity of red blood cells while improving lung and kidney function. CS-4 mobilizes free fatty acids and beta-oxidation, thereby preserving glycogen usage during prolonged exercise. (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 2001) In both animal and human studies, CS-4 has proved to support the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), showing its effectiveness as an antioxidant. (J. Zhu, 1999). In a human study, Cordyceps has proved to improve lactate energy metabolism within the cell. (Burke, Edmund 1998)   It’s also been shown to improve oxygen utilization, blood flow and therefore help clear lactate. (Ko et. al, 2007, Zhu et. al, 1998)  Supplementation has been shown to improve aerobic performance, showing improvements in maximal oxygen consumption and ventilatory threshold. (Chen et al., 2010)                                                    

How Zhongke Cordyceps (concentrate) capsules might help.

  • Provides natural immune system support
  • May help strengthening the body’s natural defence
  • May help strenghtening the Lungs, Kidney, Breast, Liver, Stomach and Colon
  • May help enhances athletes performance,  and energy levels
  • May help maintains coronary blood flow and microcirculation
  • May help the prostate function. 
  • Male & Female fertility support.
  • May helps support the respiratory system.
  • May provide temporary relief from coughing.
  • May help calm nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety

ALWAYS REMEMBER that WILD CORDYCEPS costs more than $30.000 per KG and  majority of the wild cordyceps nowadays contains heavy metals, parasites or harmful bacteria due to the lack of HIGH TECH extraction methods or effective filter treatments from the company manufacturer.