What is Ganoderma lucidum spore oil? We all know and are relatively familiar with Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum is a nourishing medicinal material with great nutritional and medicinal value. However, as a relatively primitive medicinal material, Ganoderma lucidum can be eaten directly or after processing. Ganoderma spore powder It is the product processed by science and technology. Now I will introduce the efficacy and functions of Ganoderma lucidum and how to consume Ganoderma lucidum spore oil.

Reishi spore oil

Ganoderma lucidum spore oil contains triterpenoid ganoderic acid, selenium, organic germanium and other effective ingredients, and some water-soluble substances (polysaccharides) are concentrated. Ganoderma lucidum spore oil is a yellow transparent liquid. The main ingredients are Ganoderma acid, unsaturated fatty acids, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, etc. Induces or promotes the phagocytosis of macrophages to directly and indirectly kill tumor cells. This amazing product can improve the body's immunity and reduce the occurrence of:
  • Mental illness
  • loss of appetite, vomiting, and hair loss caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 
  • Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, detoxification,
  • liver protection, improve digestive organ function,
  • lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, inhibit platelet coagulation, eliminate thrombus, reduce blood viscosity, provide hemoglobin,
  • improve blood oxygen supply to the heart and brain and accelerate blood circulation,
  • Help blood flow, soften blood vessels, purify blood, eliminate free radicals, adjust blood vessel pressure, and enhance the body's metabolism and immune regulation. 
Most of them are pill-shaped soft gel transparent capsules, which can be distinguished by color and odor. The more transparent the color, the less impurities and the better the quality. Those with high purity will smell aromatic, and those with poor taste will taste bitter. 

The efficacy and role of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil


The functions and effects of Ganoderma lucidum are being explored and unearthed SINCE 1970. Ganoderma lucidum spore oil is an effective ingredient extracted from the spores of Ganoderma lucidum. What are its functions and characteristics? 

 The efficacy and functions of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil are:

1. Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide enhances the immune function of the body, has a significant and direct anti-tumor effect, can inhibit tumor growth and metastasis, has two-way regulation of immunity and protects the liver.

2. The triterpene ganoderic acid is mainly aimed at the specific cytotoxicity of tumor cells, directly poisoning tumor cells, preventing spreading, and eliminating tumor cells.

3. Organic germanium can induce the human body to produce, activate the activity of NK cells and macrophages, participate in immune regulation, various alkaloids have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and terpenoids and quinones have the effects of regulating qi, removing blood stasis, calming nerves and replenishing qi.

4. Cooperate with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy: promote postoperative recovery; improve the sensitivity and tolerance of tumor patients to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, reduce leukopenia, loss of appetite, vomiting, hair loss and liver and kidney damage caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

5. Unsaturated fatty acids: have the functions of softening blood vessels, purifying blood, and eliminating free radicals in cells.

6. Improve the quality of life of cancer patients (increase appetite, improve sleep, analgesia, etc.), prolong life, relieve pain, and prevent tumor recurrence and metastasis.

7. Long-term consumption of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil has a lightening effect on stubborn freckles, ultraviolet sunburn, endocrine disorders and other factors caused by chloasma. It has a good auxiliary and improving effect on skin redness, wrinkles, and sensitive physique. The skin is naturally shiny.

8. The sterols in Ganoderma lucidum can effectively prevent arteriosclerosis, and can be used for patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis, diabetes and so on to improve the body's immunity, enhance the efficacy of drugs and reduce the side effects caused by long-term medication.

9. The lanostane series compounds in Ganoderma lucidum have the effect of inhibiting histamine, and have a good regulating effect on people with allergies and those who have developed allergies.

10. Triterpenoid ganoderic acid can inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme and has the effect of lowering blood pressure; inhibit the body's absorption of cholesterol in food and cholesterol synthesis in the body, and play a lipid-lowering effect; inhibit excessive aggregation of platelets and prevent thrombosis form.

Ganoderma lucidum spore oil soft capsule is made of broken Ganoderma lucidum spore powder as raw material, refined by supercritical CO2 fluid extraction of fat-soluble substances, and concentrates the triterpenoid ganoderic acid, unsaturated fatty acid and organic germanium in the protoplast of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder.

It is a great choice for adjuvant treatment and daily health care for cancer patients and for everyone.


Ganoderma lucidum spores are the seeds released by Ganoderma lucidum in the later stage of development. They are the essence of Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma spore powder is very difficult to collect under natural conditions. 1 ton of Ganoderma lucidum can collect about 1 kg of spores, which is extremely rare and precious. Broken spore powder has stronger anti-cancer activity in vitro than unbroken spore powder. 


At present, the techniques for breaking Ganoderma spores include biological enzymatic hydrolysis, chemical methods, and physical methods. 

The most effective one that does not destroy the effective ingredients of the spores is the ultra-low temperature physical wall breaking technology. Broken spore powder has stronger anti-cancer activity in vitro than unbroken spore powder. The main anti-cancer ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder are

  1. Ganoderma triterpenes,
  2. Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides,
  3. Organic germanium,
  4. Organic selenium, adenosine, peptides and so on.

So, does Ganoderma lucidum spore oil soft capsule have anti-cancer PROPRETIES?

 Ganoderma spore powder is the best immune function regulator and activator. It can significantly improve the body's immune function and enhance the patient's own cancer prevention and anticancer ability. Ganoderma spore powder can promote the production of endogenous anti-cancer substances such as interleukin-2, promote the phagocytic function of mononuclear macrophages, improve the body’s hematopoietic ability, especially the level of white blood cells, and through certain The inhibitory effects of these active ingredients on cancer cells have become the preferred drugs for anti-tumor, anti-cancer and cancer adjuvant therapy. Ganoderma spore powder has almost no toxic side effects on the human body. After chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the body and immune function of tumor patients will be severely damaged, disease resistance will decline sharply, the body will be weak, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, insomnia and other symptoms of weakness will occur. It can be seen that the anti-cancer effect of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil soft capsule is scientifically based, and Ganoderma spore powder has almost no toxic and side effects on the human body.

ANY Side effects of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil?

Ganoderma spore oil has a regulatory effect on the immune system, nervous system, endocrine and metabolic system, and cardiovascular system. It can significantly improve the body's immunity, and it can also quickly stimulate the nervous system to produce emergency regulatory responses, channel and restore nutrient tissue channels, repair damaged tissues and promote cell regeneration, and has a significant effect on inhibiting tumor and tumor tissue telomerase activity. 


During the healing period after surgical radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is particularly effective for physical recovery, reducing vomiting, pain, leukopenia, hair loss, fatigue, and loss of appetite caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is a great tonic for preventing and  help treating more than 100  diseases. 

Ganoderma lucidum spore oil can also effectively help treating ;

  • Chronic bronchitis, acute and chronic hepatitis, neurasthenia, insomnia and dreaminess, hypoglycemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, vascularization, diabetes, cirrhosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic gastritis,
  • Asthma, analgesia, arteriosclerosis, liver protection, soothe the nerves, phlegm, chest tightness, shortness of breath, frequent headaches, night sweats, aplastic anemia, malnutrition,
  • Weight loss, nourish blood, reduce cholesterol, and enhance physical strength ,
  • Eliminate fatigue, hypotension, rheumatism, gastric ulcer, menopausal syndrome, adjust endocrine, balance yin and yang, beauty plaque, skin shrinking and oily, skin allergies, indigestion, sub-healthy middle-aged and elderly people
  • Ganoderma spore powder can also help to fight bacteria and viruses. The first is white blood cells, the second is lymphocytes, and the third is macrophages. Macrophages can destroy the cell membrane of cancer cells. It can also quickly wake up macrophages and produce interferon to kill or damage cancer cells. In addition, whether the body has an environment that is not suitable for cancer cell growth is also very important.